New Hire Resources & Onboarding (2024)

New Hire Resources & Onboarding (1)

New Hire Resources & Onboarding (2)

New Hire Resources & Onboarding (3)

New Hire Resources & Onboarding (4)

New Hire Resources & Onboarding (5)

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Welcome to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center!

As you embark on your career journey with us, it is our pleasure to be among the first to welcome you to the TTUHSC team. You are joining a vibrant community of exceptional team members, world-class researchers and best-in-class health care providers, brought together in an award-winning workplace culture united by a common set of core values. This page is designed to help you connect with the many resources available to you as a new team member.

Need to Know Now

As you prepare to step into your new role, there’s a lot to learn and do. The following resources have been collected to provide timely answers to some of the more pressing questions you may have as you look forward to your first day.

Looking Ahead

Plan for Your First Day

Confirm the details of your first day of work with your manager and finish any necessary hiring paperwork with Human Resources.

Your First Week

Sit down with your manager to go over your job duties, departmental goals, expectations, work schedule, and more. Your department will request your ID badge, order any necessary building keys, and help you set up your workspace. Technical support can be found through the TTUHSC IT Solution Center.

Your First Month

Your First 90 Days

As you become more settled in your role and department, you will find other ways to get involved and build relationships. Continue to work with your manager to solicit feedback and set goals.

Your First Year and Beyond

Benefits and Wellness

Our commitment to your growth and development is unwavering, and we encourage you to ask questions, explore, and share your unique perspective.

New Hire Resources & Onboarding (7)

Health and Dental

State of Texas employee health plans, packages, and options are designed to cater to the needs of each individual or family. Learn More

New Hire Resources & Onboarding (8)

Retirement Benefits

Secure your tomorrow with mandatory and optional saving plans. Learn More

New Hire Resources & Onboarding (9)

Tuition Assistance

Pursue your educational goals with tuition assistance programs for you and your dependents. Learn More

New Hire Resources & Onboarding (10)


Explore resources and programs available for mental, emotional, and physical health. Learn More

Get Involved and Stay Up to Date

From daily announcement emails to weekly update videos to monthly newsletters, TTUHSC offers many different ways to stay connected.

  • Statline is a monthly email dedicated to keeping you up to date with what’s happening across TTUHSC. From important announcements to media features, Statline covers news, stories, interviews and more at the heart of all TTUHSC campuses.
  • Take a look at The Daily Dose, our news home, for stories about TTUHSC, our team members and our students.
  • View TTUHSC's social media directory to easily find the feed you need. With accounts dedicated to each of our campuses and schools, our social media content is centered on telling our stories to an outward-facing audience that includes our students, employees and community members.

TTUHSC Senates

If you're looking for ways to get involved, consider serving on the Faculty Senate or Staff Senate! Both committees serve to provide a voice for our team members through active representation and involvement. Learn more about the Faculty Senate and Staff Senate.

OurHSC Together

Created in 2015 by TTUHSC team members, OurHSC Together serves as an avenue for directly advancing the causes you care about – whether it's backing vital research, empowering education, enhancing patient services, or building a better future. Learn more »

TTUHSC Announcements

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Additional Resources

Questions? Your campus HR team is here to provide you with support, guidance, and answers for all of your questions.

  • Business Affairs
  • General Services
  • IT Solution Center
  • Vitals Spirit Shop
  • Disability Accommodations
  • Wellness Resources
  • HR Operating Policies
  • HR Training
New Hire Resources & Onboarding (2024)
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