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A&U - America's AIDSMagazine. Arts& Understanding, The International Magazine of Literature and Artabout AIDS, 6/03: My Big Fat Greek Wedding's Lainie Kazan WillNot Sit by and Watch. World Weary: A new HBOdocumentarymaps the pandemic. Last Shot:Has AIDSVAXrun out ofsteam?New and Approved:HIVers with herpes get a treatmentboost. 6/02: Mapping Genes:The world of drug-resistancetesting. North America:Anew cinemax documentary questionsfaith in tragic times. Europe:The Sound of Music's CharmianCarr sings along for the fight against AIDS.Africa:HIV-Positive artists break the silence.Caribbean:Patricia Nell Warren on fiscal crimes. ExclusiveInterview:Danny Glover imagines a sustainable world. 5/02:Eve Raps It Up. The Lowdown on Lipoatrophy:Is it onlyskin-deep? A Shot in the Dark:Patricia Nell Warren asks howfamily values will affect U.S. vaccine trials. Open Up and Say"Ahhh"Danny Gale's guide to making your doctor work for you.Lipo Sucks!Eating right?Hitting the gym. They might dothe trick. Plus at the Movies with Sasha Alexander and EricSaperston. 4/02: Girls Just Want to Have Fun:Filmdirector Meng Ong serves up HIV, loss &love in MissWonton. Get Down Tonight:Lesbians, they get HIV too. Don'tYou Forget About Me:Aaron Krach unlocks an AIDSdiary.Exclusive Interview:Scott Evertz:Who says a RepublicanAIDSCzar can't care about AIDS? Thinking Outside the(Pill)Box):Novel HIVdrugs in the works. 3/02:Queer as Folk:Showtime's breakthrough drama bringsHIV/AIDSinto your living room - are you ready?AliconArngrim:From prairie to prevention. Yesterday:PatriciaNell Warrn reviews HIV's latest history. Today:What's new onthe treatment calendar for co-infections?Tomorrow:ThomasSomerville canvasses for the future of AIDSart. 2/02:What Makes Ric Munoz Run:With over 100 races under hisbelt, this marathoner trains for the long-distance challenge of HIV.Tomorrow's HIVDrugs:Pipeline or pipedreams?Lynch Mob:Patricia Nell Warren Loosens thenoose on AIDS activism. Brain Fog:Aaron Krach cuts through themuddle-headed media. Sex and the Country:Texas photographerGary Don Ford shoots erotica in the age of AIDS. 1/02: Buffythe Vampire Slayer's Amber Benson Puts a Spell on AIDS. GettingOn-Line:Support, outreach & treatment access on the web.Going Dutch:AIDSprevention &treatment inHolland. 12/01: AIDSis No Laughing Matter to LegendaryComedian Phyllis Diller. The Giving Issue:Grantmakers andGrantseekers:Corporate America, funders concerned about AIDSand AIDSTheatre Project respond to the funding crisis. Painterand Physician:Dr. Michael J. Scolaro on the Art of Giving.Coretta Scott King Takes the Lead on AIDS. 11/01: Dr. MathildeKrim:Takes risks so you don't have to. Going Global:TheYear 2001 in Review. WTC&HIV:Patricia NellWarren, Aaron Krach, and Danny Gale on What the Bombings Mean forAIDS. 10/01:Jamie Lee Curtis:100 megawatts ofgusto. Rethinking Delavirdine.+Poppy Z. Brite on Horror&HIV. Special Report:Anew therapeutic vaccinecandidate takes its first steps in Australia.Plus:Aprimer on Vaccine Basics. Follow theMoney:Patricia Nell Warren investigates AIDSpork.Mysterious Benevolence:Aaron Krach on what AIDSgivesback. 9/01: Nell Carter:Takes on her most challengingrole ever. AIDSin Germany. Writer James Earl Hardy on Eazy-E.Special Report:Hepatitis C and HIVCo-infection -Awareness, support, and treatment advocacy.. HeroicConvergence:Krach on the U.N.'s commitment to HIV/AIDS.8/01:Judy Chicago:AIDS, art, feminism. DeepakChopra:Mind, body &soul. Alternative Meds:Newquestions at the post-co*cktail crossroads. Buyers' ClubAIDSTreatment Initiatives:Access, advocacy, advice.7/01: Liz Smith:Two decades of inking out AIDS. We LoveLucie Arnaz. Heartland Photo Album. Songs of Crisis&Hope:Jon Bailey looks back on the gay men's chorusof Los Angeles. HIV&Depression:Krach&Zimbardi have a few knockout ideas to fight the blues.6/01: AIDSin Cambodia:The new killing fields.HIV&Your GITract. Rudy Galindo is lacing up fora new routine. Patricia Nell Warren on the rising cost of civildisobedience. HIV/AIDSSocial Worker Paul Gallotta Shares HisDiary on Coping. Tony Kushner on Angels Then and Now. 5/01:Drain of Compassion:Have daytime soaps forgotten aboutAIDS?Activist Jeff Getty:It's nuts not to fight.School Shootings:Patricia Nell Warren on Youth, Violence andAIDS. Hypogonadism and HIV:Dr. Roger D. Anderson on raising lowtestosterone levels. Pus R.D. Simmerman and ER's ErikPalladino. Heather Tom:The Young and the Restless. CatherineHickland:One Life to Live. Eva Tamargo Lemus:Passions.Galen Cering:Passions. 4/01: Why Reba McEntire Won'tRelax. Politician Xavier Becerra is Running for Your Life. BaileyHouse:For PWAs the future starts with a place to live.HIVQ&A:Dr. Roger D. Anderson answers your treatmentFAOs Plus Brad Gooch and Soul Food's Vanessa Williams. 1/01:Special Anniversary Issue:10 years of fighting AIDS.A&Ulooks back over the last ten years of theAIDScrisis. Exclusive!Maya Angelous won't stop talkingabout AIDS. Picture This:A&Us Gallery presents asurvey of AIDSart - past and present. QueerCompany:Showtime's latest show takes on every aspect of gaylife...except one. 12/00: Free Soul Jon Secada:RaisesAIDSawareness among Latino youth.SpecialReport:Turning around AIDSin Thailand. Stopthe Insanity:Ruben interrupts the latest treatment theories.Going Coconuts:Milking nutritional benefits from the age-oldcoconut. 10/00: AIDSNation: The Reverend Jesse L.Jackson takes the grass-roots approach to prevention, testing andcure. Positive Leadership:HIV+Senator Tom Duane.Exclusives:Amber Hollibaugh &Edward Lucie-Smith.9/00: Margaret Cho:Packs a punch(line) in the fightagainst AIDS. Back to School:HIVeducation in NYC. Seeingthe Future:Where is the global AIDScrisisgoing?Weird Science:Patricia Nell Warren takes theDurban Declaration to task. 8/00: Kevin Bacon:MakingAIDSVisible. co*cktail Culture:Novelist Sarah Schulmancharts fresh territory in the Age of Protease. ConstantQuestions:Nicholas Regush and the virus within. BodyPolitic:The gospel according to Ruben. 7/00: AIDSDissidents:A&U explores the AIDSundergroundwithChristine Maggiore, Patricia Nell Warren, Thabo Mbeki,Bruce Mirken and more. Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters joinsthe AIDSdissident movement. Going to Pot:The case formedical marijuana. 5/00: Now and Again's Dennis Haysbert. Is aman with a message:Get Tested!Get Treated!.Lifeguide:Researchers reexamine the risks of oral sex. LeftField:Sentenced for life=sentenced to death. The ThirdWave:The AIDSepidemic reaches eastern Europe. p*rnAgain:p*rn star Cole Tucker survives controversy to deliver apositive message. 4/00:Shirley MacLaine talks about AIDSon her own terms. Has the Millennium March forgottenAIDS?Comdom Lady:Cherie Magnus is on a mission to empowerwomen through latex. AIDSHeretics:Patricia Nell Warrenexplores alternative theories to HIV. Fighting the Silence:Oldprejudices keep the world of pro boxing silent about AIDS.Lifeguide:Getting it Up:Dr. Anderson takes on some hardquestions about HIV&ED. 3/00: LookingBack:Raymond A. Smith Asks "What If?" Sally JessyRaphael:America's talk show queen keeps AIDSin the publiceye. Silence=Death:Patricia Nell Warren wants you to speak outabout "AIDScrimes". Adherence Test:The Latino communityfaces new problems in the fight against AIDS. Lifeguide:HepCat:Everything you wanted to know about hepatitis but wereafriad to ask. 2/00: Special Report:AIDSin CostaRica. AIDSCzar Sandra Thurman:Fighting for all of us.Dementia:Patricia Nell Warren separates fact from fiction. SexSymbol:David DeLuise takes on safe sex and parenting.Lifeguide:Mixing co*cktails:Roger Anderson gives us theins and outs of combining protease inhibitors. 1/00: Law&Order's Jesse L. Martin and Friends in Deed's CynthiaO'Neal Team Up to Fight AIDS. Patient Zero:A&Es millenniummishap. Food for Thought:Project Angel Food cooks up a stormfor people with AIDS. Lifeguide:HIV&Hep C.Managing two viruses the natural way, Plus:K.O. KS Newtreatment options for Kaposi's sarcoma. 12/99: ListenUp!David Cassidy has a thing or two to say about HIV inthe next millennim. East Meets West:Dr. Tom Baholyodhin bringseastern values to western medicine. Mediawatch:NYC'sMayor Giuliani tries to censor AIDSart at the Brooklyn Museum.Lorna Luft gets geared up for the AIDSRide. "The MinorityAIDSproject saved my life." Reverend Elder Alfreda Lanoiz has aplan for the black community. 11/99: Felice PicanoTellsthe Truth about HIV. Plus an enclusive excerpt from his novel, TheBook of Life. Provoking the Provoker:Antonio Le Mons wants toget the African-American community talking about HIV. Show Me theMoney:Positive moneyman Tom Swift gets serious about finances.Lifeguide:an we rebuild a damaged immunesystem?Delightful, Delicious Lea DeLaria:gets inyour face about AIDS. Introducing the news that you canuse...NewsBreak. 10/99: Mary-Louise Parker:After thedeath of friend and mentor Norman Rene remains committed to theAIDScause. Holy Modems!Sister Mary Elizabeth bringsAIDSinfo to the Web. It's Not a Phase:HIV-positiveactor Jim J. Bullock takes a shot at the stage.Lifeguide:The Morning After:A&Udigsup the not-so-simple truth on postexposure prophylaxis. An axclusiveexcerpt from Bardo by Krandall Kruas. It's NotSecret:Asian-Americans fight AIDS. 9/99: SanFrancisco's Willie Brown America's AIDS Mayor Takes Aim. SexEd:Former call girl Norma Jean Almodovar organizes sexworkers against HIV. Lifeguide:The Skinny onFat:Researchers struggle to find a cause forlipodystrophy. To Russia with Love:How the AIDS crisis isbeing felt in the Russian Federation. Plus:Tips for HIV+travelers bound for Russia. Legal Aids:Know your rights as apositive parent. 7/99: In his latest novel, The Coming of theNight, John Rechy asks the question:Would you die forsex? Dollars &Sense:David Landay's financial advicefor living with HIV. Filmmaker Bernard Salzman made the perfectAIDScrossover movie. So, why haven't you seenit?Philanthropist:Cynthia Palmer Gershman:Puts her money where her mouth is. Lifeguide:Making theSwitch:Does changing a failing drug regimen really makesense?Looking Back; Setting the stage for AIDS. 6/99:Peter Hall:Seeing Shakrespeare in the age of AIDS.The Great British Response to AIDS. Microbes at theMovies:Exporing infectious film and video. HoldingSecrets:Artist Robert Irwin turns his camera on AIDS.Paying Tribute:DIrector Elizabeth Sung creates a requiemfor her brother. Plus Paula Martinac:Lucky to be alive.3/99: The Bare Facts:Unsafe sex&reinfection. New Drama from William M. Hoffman, Rent'sDaphne Rubin-Vega. Ross Bleckner:Scary Beauty.1/99. Special Feature:The AIDScrisis inIndia. Avant-Garde Activists Catherine Gund &Ron Athey.Robert Hudson Rocks the Boat. Ismail Merchant Star of India.12/98, 35 reasons why AIDScan't be over. Friendindeed-Mike Nichols on the Joys of Giving. Sisterwoman, TheEmbraceable Michael Lowenthal, Divine Design. David Waggoner, Editor,25 Monroe St, # 205, Albany, NY 12210

The Advocate has been America'sindispensable gay and lesbian news source since 1967. Publishedbiweekly, the magazine informs and entertains with a unique blend ofauthoritative news, celebrity interviews, opinion, music and artreviews, and more. 10/9/01: The Coming Out Issue. ChadAllen:Out on his own. The young star of Dr. Quinn, MedicineWoman endured teen-idol mania and tabloid outings. Now he's takingcontrol of his life and is ready to tell his hard-knock story.Charles Nelson Reilly. Hate crimes:On the scene in Colorado, onthe agenda in Washington. Women's music leaves Michigan.7/4/00: What if He Wins?What a George W. Bushpresidency would mean for gays and lesbians. Exclusive interviewswith friends and foes from Texas to Washington, D.C. His campaignspokesman on gay issues - a lesson in dodging the hard questions.Eminem's "fa*ggot" baiting, Lesbian cheerleaders. Plus!The manbehind those Gap ads. The passing of Paul Bartel and Sir JohnGielgud. Gay business goes to WallStreet.

magazines for gay/bi/trans men (3)AlternativeFamily Magazine is a national bimonthly magazine for gay,lesbian, bisexual and transgendered parents and their children. Inaddition to essays and photos depicting the lives of GLBT parents andtheir children, the magazine covers legal developments, reproductiveissues, and social and behavioral matters. It features favoriterecipes, book and video reviews, and a "Kids' Room" section wherechildren can find coloring and games pages. Rounding

Anything That Moves: The magazine for the resurgent bisexual.(OOP) Spr 01: Touring Queer America. The Drama Club. To MyBisexual Brothers. Ollie Ollie Ox On Three. To My Bisexual Brothers.f*ck Your Nipple Alligators. Spr 00: The Buying of QueerCulture. Susie Bright's Erotic Manifesto. Party Like It's 1999.Creating Change Report. The Trouble with Being Bisexual. (8/$40)BARN, 2261 Market St #496, San Francisco, CA 94114 qswitch@igc.apc.orgor

Attitude, The Magazine for Real Men.4/00:Queer as Soap. Take a dip with TV's sexiestgay character. James Carlton lathers up for the boys. Boys Don'tCry:Groundbreaking and heartbreaking: the gay film of 2000.People with Atittude:Kathleen Turner, Moloko, Sara Cox,MJCole, Ute Lemper, Jonathan Wilkes. Popstarz. Clare Rayner.Atonomic Kitten, Dorothy Dandridge, ManRay. 6/99: p*rnSpecial:p*rny Devil. Johan, Europe's biggest p*rn exportspeaks. p*rn in the UK:Behind the scenes at a Britskinflick. Joey Stefano:The tragic life of a p*rn legend.Sean Mathias, Jennifer Tilly, Rhythmes Digitales, Max Beesley, HeavenDJs, Macy Gray. (12/Newsstand) Adam Mattera, Editor, Northern &Shell PLC, Northern & Shell Tower, City Harbour, London E14England

Axiom:It's a lifestyle thing.11/00: What's sogood about living the Gay Lifestyle?It's the PartySeason:Surviving the morning after the night before. CelebChat:TVchef Ben O'Donoghue plus The Awesome DuoSupergirly.

Betraying Society. PsychiatricFraud:Mental health care today. Big Business:At theexpense of people's lives. Destroying Hope:For richer andpoorer. The Quackery of Labels:Psychiatry's cashcows:DSM-IV/ICD-10. High Cost, No Cures:Society's failed& costly "science". Sex, Animals and Financial Waste. Business asUsual:Making money is child's play. Guns&Doses:Psychiatry creates senseless violence atsociety's cost. Fraud in the Ranks:Psychiatry's criminals.Catch Me if You Can. Merchants of Chaos:The ruin is everywhere!Help, Not Betrayal:Sane solutions for a troubled world. WhatYou Can Do. Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, 6362Hollywood Blvd, Ste B, Los Angeles, CA 90028 800.869.2247

@Chaps, Napa Valley (Gay/Bi-Sexual) Men'sNetwork, 6/01:The Mythology of Transgression. 5/01:hom*osexuuuality and the "Unnaturalness Argument". 4/01:IUnderstand the Trench Coat Mafia. Schools of Alienation.3/01: Canadians Hate 'Hate Speech'. Social Justice, theChurches, and hom*osexuality.2/01:hom*osexuality:Aplea for revision to satisfy anenlightened reason. Fantasies of Straight Men.1/01: The LowellLecture by Gore Vidal. 12/00: The Missing Fragment 11/00:Rimbaud &Verlaine. 10/00: The Last AcceptablePrejudice. Potluck Etiquette. Telling a Lie for Christ? 9/00:Social Change:Making enemies. AIDSWalk Napa Valaey,Art for Life:Face to Face/Sonoma County AIDSNetwork.8/00: The Nude Male. 7/00: Frederick Steuben; 6/00:Bureaucracy &hom*osexuality. 5/00: TheologicalTraditions &hom*osexuality. 4/00: Wittgenstein.3/00: Debating Faith &Sexuality. 2/00:Reinventing Marraige. (12/$15), PO Box 4049, Napa, CA 94558 www.nvmn.organd

Genre, The gay men's magazine for themillennium, covers fashion, travel, and lifestyle issues for affluentgay men. It focuses on people and stories that are overlooked by thegeneral media and by some other gay publications. Genrehighlights the concerns and experiences that enrich the lives of itsreaders, reflects the growing diversity and interests of the gaycommunity, and intends to be the ultimate lifestyle resource for gaymen. 10/01: The Sex Issue:Can you handle it? Sex SurveyResults are In!10 Tips on How to Handle a Lover. Born forp*rn:Jeff Palmer inches towards success. TruthUnwrapped:The controversy of unprotected sex. Pros&Cons of Erotica:Should you watch ornot?From Chunk to Hunk:One man's sexy job change.Leather Lust:Fashion plays hide and seek. 6/00: 18 MenFrench Kissing in the USA. 21 Hot Spots:The monks guide to gayAmerica. Love for Sale:Internet matchmaking. And:AndrewHolleran, Felice Picano, Caroline Myss, AmySedaris.5/99: Men we love. John Schlesinger talks to Rupert Everett.The conversion chronicles:turning straight with hate. Home forthe holidays with Christina Crawford. So you want to kill yourself.Kevin Koffler, Editor-in-chief, 7080 Hollywood Blvd, Ste 1104,Hollywood, CA90028

Girl Talk. An on-line transgendermagazine promoting "Get dressed, get out, be safe and have fun!"

Hero. The magazine for the rest of us. (Maybe OOP) No. 16: The Truth About Gay Cruises.Heroes:Bernard Cooper, Lea Delaria, Greg Nimer. SuperFit:Whole body training for everyone!BachelorParty. What's Cool. Hot Cars. Cook Like a Pro. Sexy Swinsuits forSummer. How to Be a Better Lover. Pick a Wine. Get Out of Debt.Retire Rich &More. 6-7/00:An AmericanFamily. Megan Mullally:Will &Grace's FunnyGirl can Sing!Australia:Why you should go -now!Couples who Compete:Are you one ofthem?Hot Fun in the Summertime. Vol 1 No 5: Guysin Love:How they make their romance rock. Look 10 YearsYounger. Relax Now! 40 ways to chill out. Party ofOne:How to find your boyfriend within. Plus Stanley KubrickFisher, Linda Eder, Cheap NYBachelor Party, More!(6/$24-Newsstand) Hero Magazine, 8581 Santa Monica Blvd 4430, WestHollywood, CA9006 www.heromag.comor

HRC:Political news for gay and lesbian America. Spr02:Campaign 2002:What the future holds. PreppingYoung Activists. Endorsing Equality. Rooting Out Hate. Win01:Focus on Our Families. Helping Sept 11 Survivors. State BillsRoundup. Workplace Update. Fall/01: The Breadth of Our Work.Real-Life Advice on Coming Out. Salvation Army Debacle.ENDAReintroduced. Counting Our Famlies. Fueling Discrimination.Halting Helms. Our Bodies, Our Health. The Bush Administration'sBenign Neglect. To Be Gay in Helms Country. Win/00: Gay Vote2000. Workplace Trends. "Ex-gay Fallout. Grassroots Activism. (4/$35membership) or800..727.4723

Joey. Coming Out is Just the Beginning.Sum 00: I'm Gay!Get over it!!Out teens redefinesterotypes. Jar Jar and Ken:How hom*o are they?Boysof Summer:Hot new photographers show off. XMarks theSpot:The new X-Men Movie. Jerry Dunn, Editor, Joey Magazine,LLS, 11901 Santa Monica Blvd, #598, Los Angeles, CA90025.888.550.JOEY or

Men in Touch Quarterly, (4/$10-20), POBox 8110-2800, Blaine, WA 98231 Also available on line at mail to, 98/99)

magazines for gay/bi/trans men (15)News Ink, California Men's Gathering.Spr 02: 43rd Gathering. Win01: Name That Logo. UpcomingCMGEvents. 42nd CMGTribute. CMGAudit. Finding MyWay in No-Man's Land:Being gay and disabled. Spr/01:Definition of Menbership. Embracing the Child. 40th California Men'sGathering:Each by all the others held. www.thecmg.orgor orCMG, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd, #123, West Hollywood, CA90046

Out, is anational gay and lesbian-interest magazine. Subjects include currentaffairs, popular culture, celebrities, fitness and financial advice.10/01: Is There a Gay Generation Gap?Why MatthewStill Matters:Three years after his brutal killing, artistsfrom Elton John to Shane Meier - star of the new TVmovie TheMatthew Shepard Story - offer inspired tributes. 131,313Halloween Ideas from Elvira (OK-so we're exaggerating.) On the RoadWith Young Gay America. At Lat:Atotally gay shoppingmall. Best Lesbian Bars in Amsterdam. Lost Tweak-end:TheCrystal Meth Blues. 7/00: The New Girls ofSummer:Natasha Lyonne &Clea DuVall on Hollywood'sfascination with gay teen themes, reparative therapy, theiroutrageous lesbian movie But I'm a Cheerleader -&Britney Spears. Boy George and his Amanda. Julie BorwnTests the Taste Barrier. Selling Sex in Amsterdam. Boy Rockers LockLips. Plus Hot Guys Hit the Beach:Skimpiest swimwear, safestskin products, healthiest body image, kickiest co*cktails, freshesttravel tips.

@ Pacific Currents.Win/03:Pacific CenterInitiates Cost Cutting.Counseling and You:Guide to counseling at Pacific Center.Win/02: The Victim. Fall 01: Stop the Love--Be aVictim. Volunteers are Key to Success. Sum01:Two-Year Contract with the California Endowment.Loving Ourselves &Uniting Diversity (LOUD). Longing&Loving. Win/01: 'Odyssey' Youth house party bigsuccess. Fall/00: Youth Program on the Move. TheHIVPrevention Program. Clinic Starts a New Year. Spr/00:Queer Youth Groups Growing Strong. Help Our Kids Be Terrific!(4/$10), Pacific Center for Human Growth, 2712 Telegraph Ave,Berkeley, CA 94705 (Sum 99)

magazines for gay/bi/trans men (18) POZ Magazine isfor people living with HIV and dealing with HIV-related issues. Eachmonthly issue focuses on health and hope, offering supportivepersonal tales, news, medical reseaarch updates and in-depthinterviews.

@ Q Spirit Newsletter, 3739 Balboa St#211, San Francisco, CA 94121 www.qspirit.orgor (Fall99)

RFD: A Country Journal for Gay MenEverywhere. Win/02-03: Finding, Creating Shelter. Blythe Houseat WhoHa! IDAPalooza 2002. Many forms of shelter thru the eyesof an evolving child. The Erection at Amber Fox. Yurts are Great forFaerie Communities. Buying Land:Making it happen in the realworld. Thoughts for Food. Spr 02: Recalling Forgotten Dreams.Written on the Road by Randaddy. Spirituality.:Makingconnections. First Sweat. Walking the walk. Finding the RedneckWithin. Home to Mother, to Die, and be Reborn. How Elf Got GreenMan's Cherry. My Journey to Nepal. Returning to the Scene of a Crime.Laparoscopic Fertility Ritual. Bear Essentials:Bear Spirit incommunity. Sewn Lips, Black Lace &Slinky Hips. Racoon RiverHomestead. The Lemon-Fresh Joy of Dishwashing. Win/01-02:War:RFDGoes to War. Report from Ground Zero. GoddessDammit, Save Me from this Madness. Asking Hard Questions. Up on theRoof. As the Tower Comes Crashing Down. The Big Apple Pie. TrueSolidarity: Combating Hate in Prisons. Fall/01: David,Doyle &Chino:Three Photographic portraits. Betweenthe Lines. ALight Shines and Jeremy Sparkles.Communions:Dinner for twelve. Do Something. Ten Yearswith Edgar Cayce. Poet as Toolmaker. Pansies Pedal 400 Miles toSubvert Status Quo.The Wild Garden. Sum 01:MenConnecting. Spr/01: APhotograph and Fiction Issue. Win00/01: The Sex and Spirituality Issue. Fall/00:Celebrating Our Elders. Sum/00: Celebrating QueerCommunities. Spr/00:Celebrating Queer Communities.Culinary and Country. Spirituality. Fiction, Photography. Features.Networking. ($20/4) www.rfdmag.orgPO Box 68, Liberty, TN 37095

The Slant:of the gay, lesbian, bisexualand transgender communities of the bay area. 2/01: Will aFox (John Ashcroft) Guard the Henhouse?Gay Parents CreateFamilies Despit Oppostion.Dr Bombay debuts in "Outspoken Advice". Doonly gay men know what women want? Lesbian BattererExecuted:But community is silent about her crimes.(12/Newsstand-Free)

Take Action, Political news for gay andlesbian America. Sum 01: Laugh It Off. Building Equality.Gender Expression and Identity. ANew Blueprint for PoliticalAction. Hate Crimes. Focus on Capitol Hill:Partners inprogress. Making Equality a Reality. (4/Free) Human Rights Campaignand the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, 919 18th St, N.W., Ste 800,Washington, DC 20006. or800.777.HRC3

Tapestry:Transgender,Win/02:Special Nostalgia Issue. Ex-GIBecomesBlonde Beauty:Operations transform Bronx youth. Sex Change NowPossible, Say Docs. Where Do ISign Up, Hundreds Ask. Sum/02:Jennifer Levi:Attorney for gender justice. Sylvia Rivera1951-2023. Airport Security:After 9/11/01. ATranswoman'svagin* Monologue. Spr/02:Transsexual Inmate Issues.Intersex, Transgender, and English Law Reform. Transgenderism as Giftof the Holy Spirit. Workplace Conference Embraces Transgender Issues.Southern Comfort 2001. Win/01: Gender Transcendent Priests inSouth Sulawesi Indonesia. Making Peace with the Past. Transwoman inHeavy Metal. Aspects of Gender. Showdown with a Son. Gender, IdentityPolitics and Eating Our Own. Fall/01:IFGE2001.Transbears. Safety in being different. Transgender spirituality andactivisim. Zen and the Art of Identity. NTACLobby Days.Sum/01: No-Winn Situation. The Buck Stops at theVatican:To Rome with Soulforce. Traversing Across the Genders.Dressing for Success. AModest Proposal. Lakota Winkte.Spr/01: Southern Common 2000. We're from Genderpac:We'rehere to help you. Responses to Autogynephilia. Poetry. Day ofRememberance. The Children Speak. Out and Proud. Win/00: BeAll 2000. The spiritual Side of Gender Journeying. Dealing withDeuteronomy. Out and Proud. Poetry. (4/$38)IFGESubscriptions/Memebership, POBox 540229, Waltham, MA02454-0229

Task Force Report, The QuarterlyNewsletter of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force,Fall/00: Creating Change at the Ballot Box and in Atlanta.Heterosexism and Aging GLBTPeople. The Needs ofGLBTAfrican Americans. Coalitions Move the Movement. Respondingto Roanoke. Arizona Youth "Show"Up. GLBTScholarshipApplicants Sought. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, 1700 KaloramaRoad NW, Washington, DC 20009.
WhiteCrane, A Journal exploring gay men's spirituality

James White Review, Gay Men's Literary,showcases short stories, excerpts from upcoming novels, poetry,essays, reviews, photography, and art by the nation's bestestablished and emerging gay writers and artists. (4) Other recentissues include writing and art from Don Bachardy, Christopher Bram,Mark Doty, Robert Giard, Allen Gurganus, Christopher Isherwood, WayneKoestenbaum, George Platt Lynes, Craig Lucas, David Plante, PaulRussell, Steven Saylor, and Edmund White. c/o Lambda LiteraryFoundation/JWR59, PO Box 73910, Washington, DC 20056

XY Magazine, "Fills a gaping hole for young gayreaders." 6/00: Blah. (12/$25 - Newsstand), 4104 24th St,#900, San Francisco, CA 94114

magazines for gay/bi/trans men (28)Venus Magazine is chock-full of eye-openingarticles about politics, academics, theater, fashion and thelifestyles of its target audience: affluent black gay and lesbians.Its purpose is to educate, inform and entertain.

My attitude toward anybody's sexual persuasion is this:withoutdeviation from the norm, progress is not possible. - Frank Zappa

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What kind of magazine is out? ›

Out Magazine - Gay & Lesbian Travel, Fashion, Culture & Politics.

What is the history of the advocate magazine? ›

The magazine, established in 1967, is the oldest and largest LGBT publication in the United States and the only surviving one of its kind that was founded before the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan, an uprising that was a major milestone in the LGBT rights movement.

What is the number one magazine? ›

AARP The Magazine

It focuses on topics such as health, finance, travel, and lifestyle. The magazine has a reach of about 38.2 million, making it the largest-circulation magazine in the United States.

What kind of magazine is The Advocate? ›

About us. The Advocate is a U.S.-based LGBT-interest magazine, printed bi-monthly and available by subscription or packaged with OUT magazine on newsstands nationwide.

Who own The Advocate? ›

Dathel Coleman Georges

Rose Nursery, St. Rose, Louisiana. In May, 2013 Dathel and John Georges purchased The Advocate and expanded the newspaper's reach by launching The New Orleans Advocate, partly by hiring several Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists from The Times-Picayune. They also publish The Acadiana Advocate.

What is circulation The Advocate? ›

The Advocate (Louisiana)
The April 4, 2007, front page of The Advocate
TypeDaily newspaper
Founded1925 (with heritage dating to 1842)
Headquarters10705 Rieger Road Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Circulation36,685 Daily 42,064 Sunday
5 more rows

What type of magazine is USA Today? ›

USA Today (often stylized in all caps) is an American daily middle-market newspaper and news broadcasting company.

What type of magazine is new idea? ›

New Idea is a weekly Australian magazine aimed at women, founded in 1902. It is published by Are Media. New Idea covers a variety of topics, including celebrity news, fashion, beauty, health, and relationships.

What is the current magazine? ›

Launched in December 2005, The Current publishes essays and features on a broad range of subjects including Literary & Arts, Politics, and culture. There is also a Creative section in every issue.

What is the out magazine about? ›

Out is an American LGBTQ news, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle magazine, with the highest circulation of any LGBTQ monthly publication in the United States.

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