How to Rent Redbox Movies: Online, App, & Kiosk (2024)

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Everything you need to know about Redbox movie rental near you

Co-authored byMason Martinez, BA

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Initially created in 2002, Redbox machines still exist across the United States. While streaming services may be more convenient, Redbox makes watching the latest movies affordable and accessible to all. In this guide, we'll teach you how to rent, purchase, and stream movies using the Redbox kiosk, website, or app!

How does Redbox work?

Redbox kiosks work basically like vending machines for movie rentals— at a kiosk, you pick the movie you want, check it out, and then return it when you're done with it. Redbox machines are cheap, easy to use, and widely available, so visit one to get your hands on the latest movies!

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How to Use a Redbox Kiosk to Rent or Buy Movies

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  1. 1

    Search for nearby Redbox kiosk locations online. To find a Redbox location, use the kiosk locator on the official Redbox site. On the top right of the page, click "Find a Kiosk." Enter your city, zip code, or address to get a list of Redbox locations near you.[1]

    • In the United States, there are over 36,000 Redbox locations, so the odds are that there's one near you if you live near even a moderately-sized town or city.[2]
    • Big metropolitan areas will almost always have many locations to choose from. For instance, there are 50 Redbox locations in San Francisco alone![3]
    • Unfortunately, Redbox does not offer home delivery. You must visit a physical location or use their online services to stream movies.
  2. 2

    Visit your local Redbox kiosk. At the Redbox kiosk, choose one of the four options on the screen: "Rent Movies," "Buy Movies," "Pick Up," or "Return." Select "Rent Movies" to access the latest selection.[4]

    • To reserve a movie in advance, select the movie you want online or on the Redbox mobile app. Pay online and bring the debit or credit card you paid with to the kiosk. Insert, tap, or swipe your card. Your movie will dispense, and you're ready to go![5]


  3. 3

    Browse and select the current movie rentals. After hitting "Rent Movies," scroll through the available titles. You can view movies by genre or in alphabetical order. Click "+" to view more of the movie's details. Select the DVD type (Standard or Blu-Ray) at the bottom of the screen and your preferred rental length: 1 night, 2 nights, or "Own it" on the next slide.[6]

    • Redbox offers many movie genres, including action, comedy, drama, family, horror, kids, romance, sci-fi and fantasy, and thriller and suspense.[7]
    • If you're renting more than one movie, return to the list of movies to browse for more. If you're only renting one movie, keep reading.
    • If you're vision impaired, call the Redbox helpline at 1-866-REDBOX3 (1-866-733-2693) for audio assistance to choose your movies.
  4. 4

    Select "Check Out" to pay for your movie rentals. After you've added your movies, select "Check Out" to review your order total. Click "Accept and Pay" and swipe your credit card on the card reader next to the screen to pay. Enter your zip code and email address for a digital receipt. Once you've filled out all the necessary information, your DVDs will come out of a slot on the side of the machine. Now, you're ready to binge![8]

    • Standard DVDs and Blu-Rays cost $2.25 to rent, while 4K DVDs cost $2.50.[9]
    • 4K DVDs are only available in select major metropolitan areas, like Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles.[10]
  5. 5

    Return your DVDs by 9:00 pm the following day. Depending on your rental length, return the DVD by 9 pm on the due date. Redbox's daily late fees cost $2.25 for Standard DVDs and Blu-Ray and $2.50 for 4K UHD movies.[11]To avoid late fees, return your movies to any Redbox machine. Press "Return a DVD" and slip it back into the same slot it came out of.

    • If you hold onto your DVD for the maximum rental period (in most areas, it's 17 days), you'll be charged the maximum rental fee plus tax. However, you can keep the DVD at this point.
    • The maximum rental fees for Redbox movies are $38.25 + sales tax in applicable states.[12]
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Streaming Online or via the Redbox App

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  1. 1

    Stream movies directly from the Redbox website. If you want to watch a new movie without going to a kiosk, you can! Visit and select "On Demand" on the top navigation bar on the home page. You can also view the dropdown menu by hovering over "On Demand" to narrow down your search to featured movies, new releases, free movies, and more.[13]

  2. 2

    Select your "On Demand" type—rent or purchase. To use Redboxes services, you don’t need to pay any monthly recurring fees. In fact, you don’t even need to make an account. Simply select your movie choice and choose between "Rent" or "Purchase." [14]

    • With digital rentals, you have 30 days to start the movie before it's returned. However, once the movie has started, you have 48 hours before it's automatically returned.
    • Redbox offers SD streaming for $4.99 and HD streaming for $5.99. Purchasing prices may vary, but $9.99 (SD) and $14.99 (HD) are the average price points.
    • Creating a free Redbox account is an easy way to stack up points to redeem free movie rentals and additional perks.[15]
    • Redbox also offers Redbox+, a yearly paid subscription of $9.99 or $19.99 for additional free perks, extended rental periods, access to more movies, and more.[16]
  3. 3

    Download the Redbox app to stream movies and watch live TV. Visit the Play Store or Apple Store to download the free Redbox app. Scroll through the homepage to reserve new movies at the kiosk or start streaming instantly. The service offers free movies, live TV, and free movie channels for all-day entertainment. However, their services are only free if you watch ads.[17]

    • You can also access free movies and live TV on the Redbox website.
    • Online reservations can’t be canceled. If you can’t pick up the disc before 9:00 pm the day after you reserve it, you’ll automatically be charged the one-day rental period fee.[18]
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Redbox Helpful Tips

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  1. 1

    Buy a replacement case from Redbox if you lose yours. At the kiosk, scroll through the list of DVDs and select "replacement case" at the end. Generally, replacement cases cost the same price as a 1-day movie rental ($2.25).[19] After paying with a card, an empty case will dispense from the machine. Then, you can return your disc as normal.

  2. 2

    Wipe the disc with a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol if the disc won’t play. On the rare occasion the disc you rented doesn't play, try cleaning the DVD gently with a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol or water. Rub the damp cloth straight from the center of the disc to the edge.[20]

    • Avoid using abrasive or harsh solvents that can damage the disc.
    • If it still doesn't work, it may be damaged. Report damaged discs to Redbox's customer service team at Return the disc to avoid any late penalties.[21]
  3. 3

    Call customer support if the Redbox kiosk isn't working. If, for any reason, the Redbox machine you visit won't allow you to rent movies, don't worry; help is available. Call the Redbox support helpline at 1-866-REDBOX3 (1-866-733-2693) to speak to a customer service representative. The helpline is open seven days a week from 6:00 am to 3:00 am CT.

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    How do I pick up free movies?

    How to Rent Redbox Movies: Online, App, & Kiosk (17)

    Community Answer

    Redbox will send out codes for free rentals occasionally through their rewards email program. If you want to use the free movie, rent a DVD like normal and, at checkout, there should be a box to enter the code. You will still need a credit card, though, in case you were to lose or keep the DVD.

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  • Question

    What service can I use to get DVDs delivered to my house?

    How to Rent Redbox Movies: Online, App, & Kiosk (18)

    Community Answer

    Netflix is prompt and reliable. Once in a while there will be a "glitch" on a disk, but those can be returned with a request for a new disk.

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  • Question

    Do you have to put your credit card info in to start a new membership?

    How to Rent Redbox Movies: Online, App, & Kiosk (19)

    Community Answer

    There are no memberships. Just put in your card to pay at the Redbox. and you're good. You can give them your email address to subscribe to their email service, though.

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      • Do not remove, rip, or draw on the barcode on the DVD. The barcode identifies the DVD once it's returned. If it's damaged, your DVD may be rejected.


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