Hermès Bag Prices in 2024. Updated with the latest price increase - Luxe Front (2024)

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Are you interested in Hermes’ bag prices? Keep reading to find out how much does your favorite Hermes bag costs in 2022.

UPDATE: Hermes Price Increases January 2023

Happy New Year from Hermes. The French fashion house had a price increase in January 2023, see bellow for the new prices. So far we have the info in Euros only – we’ll update the table with the other currencies ASAP. However, it looks like in Europe the prices have increased with 8-9%, so we can assume the US prices will also increase with the same amount.

The new Hermes Bag Prices January 2023

Lindy 26 – €6,250

Geta – €5,550

24/24 29- €7,350

24/24 21- €6,750

Herbag 31 – €2,170

Birkin 25 – €8,050

Birkin 30 – €8,900

Birkin 35 – €9,850

Kelly 25 – €8,650

Kelly 28- €9,100


Hermès doesn’t publish bag prices, so knowing what you’re going to pay can be difficult. Check out the table below to get a better idea of how much popular models sell for.

Just keep in mind that these figures are crowdsourced from Hermès customers and may not reflect the most up-to-date prices. Unverified prices are marked with an asterisk (*).

Item NameLeather & TypePrice (USD)Price (EUR)Price (Other)
Evelyne III TPMClemence*$1,800€1,330£1,370 GBP
Evelyne III PMClemence$3,475€2,490
Evelyne III GMClemence*$3,925€2,800
Garden Party TPM 30Negonda$3,600€2,650$5,400 SGD
Picotin PM 18cmClemence Lock$2,950€2,120$3,150 CAD£2,070 GBP
Clemence Touch*$4,350
Felt, Swift*$2,575
Barenia Faubourg*$3,075
Picotin MM 22cmClemence$3,150€2,310
Jypsiere 28Clemence*$8,800
Jypsiere 31Clemence*$9,650
Kelly 25cmSellier, Chevre$11,400
Sellier, Epsom*$10,675€8,500
Sellier, Box*$13,150
Sellier, Ostrich*$23,100
Retourne, Togo/Clemence/Evercolor*$9,800€7,400
Kelly 28cmSellier, Epsom*$11,075€8,350
Sellier, Chevre*$11,500
Sellier, Ostrich*$25,275
Retourne, Togo/Clemence/Evercolor*$10,675€7,950
Retourne, Togo/Nilo Touch*$14,400
Mini Kelly 20cmEpsom*$8,250€6,150
Shiny Croc*$27,575
Birkin 25cmTogo$10,075€7,400$11,100 CAD
Veau Jonathan$10,125
Swift*$10,425€7,700$12,995 CAD
Sellier, Epsom*$11,150$12,600 CAD£7,750 GBP
Barenia Faubourg*$11,150
Swift, LE In & Out$14,350
Togo/Niloticus, Touch*$20,150
Birkin 30cmEpsom*$11,150€8,050
Sellier, Epsom*$12,700€8,050
Barenia Faubourg*$12,700
Sellier, Veau Madame*$12,850
Togo/Niloticus, Touch*$23,250
Porosus Crocodile*$57,525
Birkin 35cmTogo/Clemence*$12,700€9,050
Constance 18cmEpsom$7,950€5,850
Lizard Ombre*$19,000
Constance 24cmEvercolor$11,400
Herbag Zip 31cmOfficier/Hunter$2,575€1,960
Herbag Zip 39cm$2,900€2,220
Herbag Zip RetourneCabine BagMilitary Canvas/Hunter$2,900
Herbag Zip RetourneWeekend BagMilitary Canvas/Hunter$3,150
Roulis 18Evercolor*$7,150£5,310 GBP$8,100 CAD
Roulis 23Evercolor*$8,550€6,200£6,140 GBP
Geta BagChevre Mysore$5,700€4,550$6,550 CAD£4,140 GBP

Why Is Hermès So Expensive?

Hermès bags are expensive for many reasons including their exclusivity, quality, and heritage.

In terms of exclusivity, it’s estimated that Hermès only makes around 12,000 bags per year. Demand is far greater than that, leading to long wait times.

When it comes to quality, Hermès is unmatched. Not only do their artisans complete a vocational skills training course, but they must also finish a rigorous 18-month program before getting hired full-time.

Lastly, Hermès has been around for more than 150 years. In that time, the brand has cultivated a reputation of being one of the most luxurious brands in the world.

Hermès Price Increases

Hermès has always been expensive and prices rise frequently. The brand claims that these increases are due to increased costs (labor and materials), currency movements, and heightened consumer demand.

On average, Hermès raises its prices 1.5 to 2% each year in line with inflation. That said, 2022 saw a 4% price increase, while 2023 could see anywhere from a 5 to 10% increase.

Ultimately, the brand’s status and strong sales give the company a lot of flexibility when it comes to adjusting prices. As a result, it’s difficult to estimate exactly how much prices will increase in different markets.

Are Hermès Bags A Good Investment?

Handbag lovers from all over the world will be happy to find out that Hermès bags can be excellent investments.

In fact, since the Birkin bag was released in 1981, it has gained more value than both the S&P and gold.

While the S&P’s value averaged an 8.7% increase year over year, gold has fallen by 1.5%. The Birkin bag, on the other hand, has increased 14.2% in the same time frame.

One reason for the bag’s enduring popularity in both the primary and secondary markets is its role as a status symbol for celebrities and the ultra-rich.

Another reason is that Birkin bags are incredibly scarce and difficult to acquire. Believe it or not, it’s estimated that there are only 200,000 Birkins in circulation. Like any rare commodity, the scarcer the item, the higher the value.

While Birkin bags get the most attention when it comes to investing, the Kelly bag is also a solid option. In 50 years, Kellys have increased 1000% in value!

Going forward, both models are expected to double in value in the next 10 years, making them one of the safest investments out there.

If you plan on buying a Hermès bag as an investment, it’s important to do your research. That’s because a bag’s resale value is determined by things like material, color, and hardware type.

In general, neutral colors, limited editions, and exclusive materials make the best long-term investments.

What Is The Most Expensive Hermès Bag?

All Hermès bags are expensive, but there’s one model that stands out from the crowd—the Himalaya Birkin.

In 2022, luxury auction house Sotheby’s sold a diamond-encrusted Himalayan Birkin 30 for more than $440,000. The bag’s original retail price was estimated at $300,000, proving that rare bags make for excellent investments.

What are some affordable Hermès handbags?

You might think that “affordable” and “Hermès” don’t go together, and you’d be right. However, the Parisian fashion house does have some bags that are more wallet friendly. Some of these bags include the Picotin, Lindy and the Garden Party Tote.

We actually have a full article dedicated to the best Hermès starter handbags – which you can read here.

How to buy a cheaper Hermès bag?

Since Hermès bags do not go on sale, the only way to get a discount is through the second hand market. A lot of Hermès bags will keep or even increase their value, but you can still grab a bargain for some of the less sought after bags. Some of the bags on Fashionphile are less than 2000 USD. (affiliate links – no extra cost for you)

Hermès Bag Prices in 2024. Updated with the latest price increase - Luxe Front (2)

Hermès Bag Prices—High, But Worth It

Hermès produces some of the most expensive bags in the world, but don’t let the sticker shock scare you away.

Not only are these bags gorgeous, they’re well-constructed and timeless. What’s more, their value seems to only increase, making them a solid investment.


Hermès Bag Prices in 2024. Updated with the latest price increase - Luxe Front (2024)
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