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Human Resources has strived to become a team that is approachable and solution focused while partnering with colleges and departments to achieve desired goals.

TTU Human Resources is located in the Doak Conference Center building on the TTU campus, at 15th and University Ave.


Jodie Billingsley Associate Vice President of Human Resources 806-742-3851
Teresa Angulo Administrative Coordinator 806-742-3851

Employee Services Center

The Employee Services Center educates faculty and staff on the university's comprehensive benefits and advises on retirement options and resources by meeting with employees in person, over the phone, and via email because the team wants to inform each person of all available benefits to ensure timely and accurate selections, and to create a sense of trust and confidence in the employees.

Phone: 806-742-3851

LaDonna Johnson Senior Director 806-742-3851
Jessica Perea Assistant Director 806-742-3851
Brian Chandler Lead Benefits Coordinator
Will Castro Senior Benefits Coordinator
Courtanie Cisneros Benefits Coordinator
Alma Bustamante Administrative Coordinator
Aidan Dominguez Student Assistant – ESC

Talent Acquisition

The Talent Acquisition team maximizes the hiring experience by strategically identifying, attracting, and onboarding top talent to efficiently and effectively meet the university's dynamic and unique business needs. To accomplish this, the Talent Acquisition team assists applicants, manages the university's applicant tracking system, and consults with departments to maintain compliance and create a positive candidate experience.

Phone: 806-742-3851

Sean Smith Section Supervisor 806-742-3851
Gale Soto Senior Advisor 806-742-3851
Mariana Medrano Senior Advisor 806-742-3851

Compensation and Operations

The Compensation and Operations team develops, coordinates, and advises university administration, faculty, and staff on issues related to competitive pay, job classification, hiring compliance, and employment changes. This team provides guidance on topics such as appropriate salary ranges, job titles, and similarly compensated employees to departmental leaders, supervisors, and divisional vice presidents.

Phone: 806-742-3851

Lacey Ellis Senior Director 806-742-3851
Jill Calcote Director 806-742-3851
Julia Wagner Lead Position Management Analyst 806-742-3851
Maryann Puente Lead Position Management Analyst 806-742-3851
Alex Vargas - Putman Lead Position Management Analyst 806-742-3851
Sydney Flores Senior Position Management Analyst 806-742-3851
Erin Bourgeois Senior Position Management Analyst 806-742-3851
Kali Flint Position Management Analyst 806-742-3851
Gina Meurer Administrator 806-742-3851
Olga Silva Senior Specialist 806-742-3851
Daisy Adair Senior Specialist 806-742-3851

Talent Support

The Talent Support team provides support through development opportunities and encourages employee engagement through performance management to build professional teams and retain a strong workforce. The team also meets with employees and consults with managers to provide honest and constructive feedback as they strive to resolve issues in the workplace, to reduce risk to the university, and to promote better working relationships.

Phone: 806-742-3650

Todd Phillips Senior Director 806-742-3650
Laurel Beneze Associate Director 806-742-3650
Michael Cross Talent Support Specialist 806-742-3650
Holly Caglar Analyst II 806-742-3650
Brynn Kruse Analyst 806-742-3650

Talent Development

The Talent Development team is dedicated to assisting employees perform at their best to succeed in current positions and successfully prepare for future positions. This team oversees employee development programs, reward programs, and recognitions programs by conducting instructor-led and online trainings, by developing relationships with departments, and by creating memorable awards ceremonies. They do these things because the team believes in welcoming employees into the Texas Tech family and its culture, creating a compliant and educated staff, and recognizing and rewarding employees for their successes, including years of dedicated service.

Phone: 806-742-0530

Stephanie West Director 806-742-0530
Elizabeth Hansen Assistant Director 806-742-0530
Laura Koleva Senior Training Specialist 806-742-0530
Kailey Kilcrease Lead Specialist 806-742-0530

HR Systems

The HR Systems team manages the testing, development, maintenance, and security access for Human Resources Information Systems. Additionally, this team identifies gaps in service that impact the university's high priority populations. In response, HR Systems is dedicated to increasing efficiencies through the use of technology.

Phone: 806-742-3851

Candice Rice Senior Director 806-742-3851
Jesus Vega Director 806-742-3851
Gurkan Ozfidan Project Lead 806-742-3851
Elyzza Bobadilla Business Intelligence Developer 806-742-3851
Traci Couch Media Relations Specialist 806-742-3851
Katelyn Maldonado Senior Training Specialist 806-742-3851

Department Contact Information

About Human Resources | Human Resources Home (2)

Texas Tech University Human Resources
160 Doak Conference Center
2518 15th St. (northwest of 15th St. & University Ave.)
Lubbock, TX 79409-1093

Phone: 806-742-3851
Fax: 806-742-1371
Mail Stop: 1093
E-mail: webmaster.hr@ttu.edu
Website: hr.ttu.edu
Other HR Web addresses:

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